Why we love what we do



I am a stay at home mom who love to craft and create.

As a former programmer working for a creative publisher, I loved my job and never thought I would be a stay at home mom.  By day I coded programs, databases and web pages and at night after tucking my little ones in bed, my creative side would come out as I designed and sewed clothing for my young daughters.  After being asked to sew for others, I began a small home business creating designs for other little girls.  When my third daughter was born and my daycare lady closed her business to return to school, I decided that the cost of daycare versus my salary was not enough to sway me from staying home to raise my girls.


As my girls grew older and the market became flooded with other stay at home seamstresses I decided to sew only for my girls.  The girls grew older and after trying many activities, they fell in love with cheerleading.  The sport, tumbling, stunting, and dance became their passion.  Along with that came uniforms and you guessed it, cheer bows!  We had purchased many for competition and fun.  Many didn’t make through the season and some didn’t even make it to the first competition before they needed repair.  I often found myself remaking bows that I had already paid someone else to make. 


Now having made virtually of all my daughters bows, I received requests to make bows for sale.  I did my research, got some tips from some other bow makers and now make our own as well as bows for individuals and teams.  My girls also like their dolls to be dressed for competition, so I recreate their uniforms in miniature as well as matching bows for the dolls.  I found that this would be a great way to help support their cheer careers while still staying home with them to be Mom’s taxi, chief cook, tutor and cheer groupie.